In order to maintain a high standard of professionalism I’d like you to work with me and be prepared for our meeting the donation is excepted in cash Canadian or US if we are doing a transfer we will have to make those arrangements ahead of time as it will cut into your time to wait for the deposit to come through.

There must be compensation in order for us to meet so please don’t attempt to go around that I also do not discuss donations or services over the phone or text so please do not press me for that. Contact me anytime night or day but I will need prior notice in order to book and schedule an appointment for you. My usual hours of booking appointments are from 6 AM until 11 PM daily do not show up drunk or you will be turned away.

If the shower is required I will have one available for you before and after your visit if desired. Feel free to bring your shaving accessories if you need to get rid of stubble

Giggle giggle
I look forward to having fun with you
Lady Grace